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About this site

This web site and online database with youth resources have been developed in the frame of Online Multimedia Database “EuroNET - Youth Resources in Internet” project under “Youth” programme of EU /Action 5/ with leading organization The Basement Youth Information Network.

Each of us who has spent even a little time exploring the vast virtual space that is the Internet, knows how much time and efforts are often required to find the right web site or the right piece of specific information.

The partners under the project strongly believe that EuroNET will make a young people's exploration of their options easier, faster, and much more efficient. The information included herein will be of use to individual students researching opportunities available to them throughout the world and to youth organizations and youth-related institutions interested in learning about similar organizations in other countries.

The information on the web site is divided in several main areas:

•  institutions and programmes;
•  foundations, supporting youth organizations;
•  youth organizations and networks;
•  educational opportunities;
•  job and career opportunities;
•  leisure time activities;
•  housing;
•  art and culture

By using this product, you can find the Internet addresses of the major European universities, educational institutions and programs, learn about their activities, identify an appropriate partner for your project, research job opportunities in Europe and as well as access a lot of other useful web-based information.

“EuroNET – Youth resources in Internet” is available in 9 European languages: English, Welsh, Bulgarian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Maltese and Polish .

Project partners:
Basement Youth Information Network /BYIN/ - Wales
Student Computer Art Society /SCAS/ - Bulgaria
Studio Progetto 2 /SP2/ - Italy
Profondo - Germany
Isla local council - Malta

We would like to express our gratitude for the contribution of partner organizations that provided translations in Spanish, French and Polish languages, as well as some corresponding resources.

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